Frequently Asked Questions

A luxury offline wellness retreat provider that combines relaxation and fun that means you will 'Reset' yourself from the digital grind and 'Retreat' into meaningful offline experiences
Spa days are not defined experiences and focus primarily on relaxation. Reset and Retreat combines relaxation with engaging activity that reconnects people with each other. In addition, spa days do not require full detachment from technology - whereas Reset and Retreat is a fully offline experience.
We want to address the psychological, social and cultural problems associated with spending so much time looking at a screen. We are passionate about the importance of managing technology in our lives. After thoroughly researching the issue we see the way things are going and how much devices have become the master and we the slave, and if this continues we are worried about the negative implications this will have. We want people to be in control of their social media usage, their browsing habits, their working patterns so that they can use technology in a healthy way.
Far from it. In fact, we believe technology and the internet is the seminal invention of the last century. It is something that has helped bring down governments, allowed people to connect and broken down trade barriers. Nonetheless our research tells us that people have an unhealthy relationship with many aspects of technology, which can lead to numerous negative consequences. For example, the average American appends more than half of their time awake staring at a screen. Balance is key and for many people (including us before we went offline ourselves for a period of time) this is a difficult thing to achieve due to the way social media and the internet is designed to pull us in. Fear of missing out is a critical core of social media and this is what drives us to keep coming back, even with no actual reason to.
No, we welcome people of all genders, faiths, ages, and backgrounds. At our prototype launch the oldest member was 79 years old and the youngest was 18. All we ask is that you keep your devices at bay!
The research is out there - we will be researching this so keep an eye on our blog for more. We're sure because we did this ourselves! After going offline for a period of three months we decided we'd do something every week we hadn't done before that didn't involve our phones or the internet. And that is how we came up with the courses and activities on offer! We've read research papers, studied the facts and along with our own experience are sure this is something valuable everyone can benefit from.
We've spent many months at Reset and Retreat designing what we think will be a life changing experience. We'd like you all to participate. But this is ultimately your weekend, and for whatever reason you feel like you cannot partake you are free to do this.
You can smoke outside of the premises grounds.
Absolutely - we are big proponents of meat and fish-free diets and as such have no plans to change this. If you've never gone three days as a Veggie - you may very well be in for a surprise. We can also cater to Vegan and Gluten free diets if notified in advance.
Yes. We would love to work with businesses to make employees happier and more productive. Please keep an eye on our blog posts for some research being published on the benefits of a digital detox for the workplace.
We are always on the lookout for new activities, please get in touch via our contact page.
We have several landline and mobile numbers we will provide attendees for this reason.
You should bring some comfortable walking shoes/trainers and some comfy clothes for the physical activities - other than wear whatever you desire!
You can bring your devices, we can store these safely for you. Other than that you don't need anything specific as all class materials are provided.
Good question! But no, because we live in a connected world and would not be able to reach all you lovely people if we didn't have any online presence at all. Besides we are not luddites!